2016 Social Media Advocacy Project

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 2016 Social Media Advocacy Project! Through conversations, presentations, e-mails, social media, videos, and podcasts, all music therapists and students will make an important contribution to our profession, no matter how small or large. Educating family, colleagues, and clients is a year-long effort to improve the public understanding of what MT is and what it is not. Contact your state task force to learn more.

The following list of participating MT blogs and podcasts was compiled by Kimberly Sena Moore and quoted from the MT state recognition page.


Annapolis Music Therapy

Bearpaw Creek

CODA Music Therapy Services

Heartbeat Music Therapy

Kat Fulton on HuffPost Education

Listen and Learn Music

Metro Music Therapy

Music Therapy Ebooks

Music Therapy Ed

Music Therapy Kids

Music Therapy Maven

Music Therapy Repertoire Challenge

Music Therapy Round Table

Music Therapy Source 

Musical Autist 

Palm Beach Music Therapy Connections

Session Cafe

SKS Music Therapy

SMWC Music Therapy Student Resource Blog

Soundscaping Source

The George Center

The Mindful Music Therapist

The Music Therapy Show

The Music Therapy Marketplace

 The Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute

The Rhythm and Reason Blog

Tuneful Teaching


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