Guest Post: “Workaholics: Staying Healthy on a Schedule”

Julie Morris is a life and career coach. She enjoys writing and is currently working on her first book. She also loves spending time outdoors and getting lost in a good book. Julie’s article “Workaholics: Staying Healthy on a Schedule” is featured below, and will help the busy professional – as well as the stressed caregiver or family member – to lead a healthy lifestyle.


More and more people are describing themselves as workaholics as companies demand harder working employees. The modern entrepreneur is also experiencing a decrease in personal time as they work tirelessly to turn a profit. As admirable as hard workers are, overworking is a major cause of diminished mental and physical health.

Time for relaxation and fun is just as important as work but goes unrecognized for its importance. If you’re on a busy schedule and don’t feel like you have time for a personal life, here are a few things you can be doing to better your health.

Find a Day to Meal Plan

Eating a well-rounded diet without nutritional gaps is key in maintaining mental health as well as physical health. Of course, preparing fresh, healthy food each day is not usually feasible for someone on a hectic schedule.

Instead of trying to make time for meal prep each day, take one of your freer days to plan and shop for freezer meals. A freezer meal requires that you simply toss all the ingredients into a container and freeze it. Before work each day, take a few seconds to empty the contents into a slow cooker. When you get home, a healthy, fresh meal will be waiting.

Fit Exercise in Where You Can

Getting exercise is another very difficult task when your work life overtakes your personal life. However, exercise is critical for feeling mentally and physically well when working a high-stress schedule.

Though you may not be able to work a gym visit into your week, you can do smaller exercises such as yoga or desk exercises. Yoga can be done for just a few minutes a day after work using an instructional video. Desk exercises can be performed in your chair at work if you’re really in a crunch.

Make Time for Fun

Many people who work too much feel that fun and relaxation is a waste of time. Even when they do make time for fun, they may feel guilty for not being productive. However, fun and relaxation are critical for a well-rounded and mentally healthy person.

Human beings are not meant to work to the extent we do. We need time for reinforcing social bonds and unwinding. So when you have free time, make plans with friends. Even if it’s only a few times a month, you will be amazed by how refreshed you feel.

Learn to Meditate

Studies on meditation show just how powerful the mind can be. Monks have been studied meditating atop a freezing mountain, maintaining stable body temperatures. For someone who hasn’t spent their entire life learning the practice, it may not have quite as strong and effect but it will make your stress vanish.

Meditation is essentially learning to control your mind and silence it, erasing stress, worry, and negative thought. This skill is a huge advantage over your hectic schedule and can benefit you in ways you may not realize. Try meditating a few times a day. Practice makes perfect after all.

Learning to balance your work and personal lives is not an easy skill, particularly for executives higher on organizational charts who have myriad responsibilities. Instead, take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle by exercising, eating better, having fun, and even learning meditation. There are many small ways you can improve your life. See what fits into your current schedule and go from there.

Image via Pixabay by Keifit