Acting One’s Way Into A New Way Of Thinking

While serious long-term depression should be handled by a professional, worry, anger, and other responses are expected in human beings of all ages. They might be acknowledged immediately, not reinforced or worried about, and followed by behavioral techniques to actively change the emotion. Whereas “worry” or “depression” usually represent nothing more than statements to oneself or others indicating that we “feel sorry for ourselves” and, as such are definitely unproductive, the focus becomes one of solving the problems that have produced the worry, anger, or crying (depression), and acting one’s way into a new way of thinking. It is astounding how fast “worry” and “depression” are relieved when no one pays attention and the negative verbal behavior is either punished or ignored while positive solutions are praised. “Tell me what you intend to do; do not give me your problem.” “Is that what you will do next time? That’s excellent. Let’s pretend that I’m the other person and you show me what you will do” (Madsen & Madsen, 1998, p. 9).

Madsen, C. K. & Madsen, C. H. (1998). Teaching/Discipline: A Positive Approach For Educational Development. (4th ed.) Raleigh, NC: Contemporary Publishing Company of Raleigh, Inc.


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