All People Probably Need the Same Things

In every group there are students who seem to be ‘gifted,’ as well as students who appear to have ‘problems.’ These students are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because of standardized psychological test results, it is the behavior of each individual (good, bad, or nothing) that commands the teacher’s notice. Each the gifted, almost gifted, high normal, normal, low normal, slow, very slow, as well as those who are physically limited or ‘problematic’ in other ways all need to achieve socially and academically in every way possible. All people probably need many of the same things (Madsen & Madsen, 1998, p. 21).

Madsen, C. K. & Madsen, C. H. (1998). Teaching/Discipline: A Positive Approach For Educational Development. (4th ed.) Raleigh, NC: Contemporary Publishing Company of Raleigh, Inc.


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