#FLMusicTherapy Advocacy Graphics

January is Music Therapy Advocacy Month, and the final week of January has been designated #FLMusicTherapy Week. These graphics are designed to be distributed across social media, so please post, tweet, share, educate, advocate, and get active! Advocacy is a team effort to make a meaningful difference.


Click here to read Senate Bill 204 and House Bill 571 in their full language. Plus, you sign-up for e-mailed updates.

Is Your Music Therapist Board Certified?

You can find all Board Certified Music Therapists (MT-BCs) across the country by name or location through AMTA’s Certified Music Therapist Search.


State recognition of the MT-BC credential will help protect the public and increase their access to services.

Hill Day

Check out the Florida Music Therapy Task Force, ask how you can make a meaningful difference, and join us on February 2nd, 2016 at the Florida capitol for our annual Hill Day advocacy event!



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