Hello & Goodbye Songs

A familiar hello song for many music therapists is piggybacked from “Goodnight Ladies.” This simple tune is great for children and older adults alike. Listen to “Hello Friends!” and quickly memorize the lyrics: “Hello friends, hello friends, hello friends, I’m glad you’re here today!”

Next, you might greet each group member through song: “Hello Emma, hello Noah, hello Emily, I’m glad you’re here today!” Walk around and engage each person individually. Encourage the whole group to say, “Hello, Emma!” Ask for names if you haven’t yet met, shake hands, check-in, offer high-fives, ask questions, give specific reinforcement. If your group is small enough, or you’re providing one-on-one therapy, you could dedicate a whole refrain to each person.

Finally, conclude your sessions with the same melody but now sing, “Goodbye friends, goodbye friends, goodbye friends, we’ll see you another time!” Some clients may have more success participating if you sing, “Bye bye friends” instead.

What are some other great hello or goodbye songs? Comment below or add your ideas to the Music Therapy Activities Wikia page titled, “Hello Songs” or “Goodbye Songs.” Thank you!


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