High School

“Harold’s high school was structured like a brain. There was an executive function – in this case, the principal and the rest of the administrators – who operated under the illusion that they ran the school. But down below, amidst the lockers and in the hallways, the real work of the organism took place – exchange of notes, saliva, crushes, rejections, friendships, feuds, and gossip. There were about 1,000 students and therefore roughly 500,000 relationships, the real substance of high school life.

“The people in the executive suites believed that the school existed to fulfill some socially productive process of information transmission – usually involving science projects on poster boards. But in reality, of course, high school is to give young people a sense of where they fit into the social structure.” -David Brooks

Brooks, D. (2011). The social animal: The hidden sources of love, character, and achievement (p. 73). New York, NY: Random House, Inc.


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