Leap Day 2016

February 29th, 2016 – Happy Leap Day! Leap Days come around every four years. Neil deGrasse Tyson explained to columnist James Barron that the earth actually takes just a little less than 365 1/4 days to orbit the sun, so we add a day in February every four years, but “one day is also dropped at the turn of every century, except when that year is divisible by 400.” Because time is a construct, time is measured imperfectly. It is difficult to move from abstract to concrete classifications. How can we measure quality of life? Pain? Executive functioning? Social skills? Music therapists must assess each client’s unique situation, skills, needs, preferences, and goals in concrete terms. We must develop smart objectives and produce real results. What an incredible thing this is. So may we remember the beauty of therapeutic relationships. The Truth in music. The power of therapy. Let this Leap Day celebrate how miraculous it is that we can scientifically study, predict, and implement the full efficacy of music therapy.

Time may be our most valuable resource. How do you fill your hours? How do your hours fulfill you? How can we better measure our experience and improve our human condition? (And you know what, sometimes we have to “add an extra day” in our work, few things are perfect, but we can accept that!) Happy TRUE birthday, anniversary etc. to some, and happy Leap Day to all!

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