Music AS Therapy, or Music IN Therapy?

There are questions we are tired of debating, such as the endless query into nature vs. nurture, art or science, etc. These theoretical divides always seem to be resolved through compromise. At the superficial level, they’re exhausted. But with foundational knowledge and enough curiosity to explore deeper, they may forever challenge our assumptions, heighten our awareness, and lead to new insights. Treatment for maladaptive attributes, behaviors, feelings, abilities, etc. may vary depending on assumptions about their genetic or environmental etiology, and our ability to produce change. That is important. Valuing the training and skills required to practice the art of therapy, yet maintaining an objective, scientific approach, will make an efficacious, well-balanced clinician. That is important. Finally, we must learn when, why, and how to use music itself as a form of therapy, as well as when to apply music as part of a larger treatment approach. So continue to ask yourself, when, why, and how is music applied AS therapy? When, why, and how is music applied IN therapy? Can you explore rationales? Examples? Research? That is important.



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