Profile: Bree Beynon, MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapist

Bree Beynon, MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapist, is the Managing Partner of Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute (PBMTI). Before she accepted this position in 2014, she was a clinician and Director of Business Development. Check out PBMTI’s great blog (Thanks again for publishing my guest post “Lyric Analysis Analysis“!), and tune in for their innovative radio show, Connections (recently featuring Florida’s MT registry bill SB 204 / HB 571 senate sponsor, Jeff Clemens!). The Rhythm & Reason Blog asked Bree a few questions about her current work and vision for the future.

How did Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute develop its name?

“I joined PBMTI 6 years into it’s existence so I was not present for the creation of the name or structure.  The name ‘Palm Beach’ suggests higher standard of clinical and musical ability and professionalism which I know is important for my partners and I.”

What have been the most important things to spend money on? The least important?

“Again, I got very lucky coming into this ‘ready-made’ situation, and I fully recognize that.  Now that I am managing the financials for the business during this time of growth I can say that the most important thing is your staff, not only their pay but helping with insurance, education, materials and overall happiness whenever possible.  I don’t think there is a ‘least important’.  Everything has importance if it is essential to your business!”

As PBMTI’s Managing Partner, what are a few of your responsibilities?

“I manage the day to day operations, staff, contractors, client relations and business development.”

Administrative duties and paperwork can be daunting for a new business to establish and for anybody to keep up with. Will you share and suggestions or general thoughts about this side of running a business?

“Surround yourself with competent and motivated people and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.  No one can do it all alone.  Recognizing that is a strength, not a weakness.”

What are the intangibles a person should have to succeed? How can one cultivate those intangibles?

“Motivation, passion, energy and courage.  Operating a business is not for everyone and that’s ok.  If you identify as someone who has these characteristics and wants to move the field of music therapy forward, reach out to a successful business owner and pick their brain!”

What is your perspective on music therapy?

“That’s a big question!  My perspective is that more and more healthcare and education professionals are going to be looking for creative, holistic and non-pharmaceutical approaches to treatment and when that happens, music therapy will be a very welcome and celebrated solution.  The future is very bright for our field and our clients.”

What is your vision of music therapy in the state of Florida and across the country by 2025?

“Board-certified, licensed music therapists will be in every hospital, school district, mental health facility and senior living community AND serving as subject matter experts on healthcare and education boards and advisory councils.”


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