Saint Patrick’s Day in Music Therapy

Margie La Bella is well known for her blog and collections of songs. She published this list of of her top 10 activities for the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday. This is must read (listen, and learn) resource to jump start your session planning! Find more holiday ideas and easy-to-learn piggybacked songs through Jessica Groom’s music therapy moments and

Andrew Littlefield published this St. Patrick’s post for the George Center in 2013. He includes videos to complement his MT activities, such as bodhrán drumming with high school students and Irish step dancing or singing Irish folk songs with older adults. Kat Fulton brought in the bodhrán drum, but also some more accessible instruments such as green shakers and penny whistles (She also reminds us that we can just turn on some beloved music and make up a jig)! In the same year, Margie published her own video for group dance movements to Irish music, check it out below:

Pinterest is chock-full of ideas. To start your search, start with this “St. Patricks Days Fun” board from Ryan Judd.

Finally, a very exciting resource is the Music Therapy Activities Wikia. This website has activities, clinical information, repertoire, iPad apps, and so much more. Check out their free St. Patrick’s songs and activities… then PLEASE add you own! This website depends on the contributions of our MT community in order to best serve our MT community, and the site is just beginning! Contributing is easy, but if you have any questions, e-mail


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