Music Therapy Activities Wikia

When Music Therapy St. Pete, LLC’s founder, James E. Riley, was conducting his master’s degree and working with a large interdisciplinary team at a regional psychiatric hospital, he led a dedicated team to build a community resource for all board-certified music therapists (MT-BCs) and anyone else interested in music therapy. The website Music Therapy Activities Wikia (MTAW) is a free, online resource designed to be community driven and open-sourced; MTAW encourages everyone to contribute what they can offer (editorial administration ensures the accuracy of content) so as to bring together multiple perspectives, original ideas, experienced tips, and excellent resources. It is an “encyclopedic collection of therapeutic music activities, indexed by Goal/ObjectivePopulation, and Use of Music.” was featured in a post on Psychology Today, written by Cathy Malchiodi PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT. MTAW has been featured in regional and national presentations. It has been on social media and music therapy blogs. It’s definitely been on my Bookmarks bar and frequently referenced for new session ideas, holidays songs, iPad apps, songs for lyric analysis, and sooooo much more. Follow-up posts will further discuss everything the site offers.

So for everything this site can offer, what does it need?! Well, it needs YOU. This site is just beginning. It’s very young. The structure has been provided, but the content will continue to grow. People are searching through its pages, but we need you to take just a few moments to learn how easy it is to edit – or contribute new – material! It feels good. You’re already planning your own sessions, so share the love! Do your good deed for the day! Website managers can even collaborate with internship directors or university faculty to provide reports, allowing MTAW editing a class grade or intern project!

For any questions, ideas, or concerns becoming an active part of our music therapy activity/information sharing community, please reach out to THANK YOU!


Spring Equinox

Center. Equal. Spring. Equinox.

Trane your primary or secondary instrumental/vocal improv with this gorgeous C#m blues. “Equinox” was originally released in June of 1964 on Coltrane’s Sound. If you’d like to play along in the key of C minor, below is a lead sheet (a page sample courtesy of Northwest Musical Services) and a backing track with chords and suggested scales available here. Enjoy!




Music Theory and Ear Training

There are many tools available to advance your music theory and develop your ear training. Here are just a few tools that I have enjoyed: For MELODY, here’s a great interval ear trainer from the Children’s Music Workshop, with many more lessons, trainers, and utilities available here. HARMONY – here’s a simple chord ear trainer, which is offered among many other exercises by TEMPO – I really appreciate this tempo exercise, because you can set the tempo like a metronome, but you can also control cycles of normal and silent measures (to practice keeping a steady beat)! RHYTHM can be practiced here, among other theory and ear training exercises by teoria. And REASON for music is an exercise in self-analysis. Why do you play music? Why do you engage with clients or other musicians? What emotion or experience do you want your improvisation to facilitate?