Time Change Time Log

What are your highest priorities? What do you need to accomplish, and how long should it take? How well do your intended goals match your real behaviors?

With every time change, let’s reflect on how we expend our most valuable resource. Here is a Time Log to record every half hour for one week. With intentionally little space provided, jot down a brief summary of your activities. Keep the paper with you – don’t wait to fill it out after several hours have passed!

You may also download an eight day, two-page version to be printed front and back, which will offer a little more space within each half hour cell.

These documents are available for free download. Donations make this blog possible. Thank you!

What have you learned from your completed Time Log? How did you transfer the Log into your clinical work? How can the exercise be improved? Can music be incorporated? Share your comments below, by e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter!


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