Values-Techniques Differentiation

After questions relating to important value choices have been answered, effective techniques may then be used to enhance learning. It is important to discriminate between the values and the techniques. Many values (implicit or explicit) are reinforced by teachers without clear values-techniques differentiation. Of course, the choice of a particular technique represents a value choice itself. It also seems apparent that no teaching technique can be effectively divorced from the person who uses it. Effective methods, much like any human product (e.g., atomic energy, jet propulsion, governments), may be used either to the benefit or detriment of other human beings. Effective teaching is that which implements selected values. (Madsen & Madsen, 1998, p. 13) Behavior modification is the application of those techniques used for implementing values (p. 34).

Madsen, C. K. & Madsen, C. H. (1998). Teaching/Discipline: A Positive Approach For Educational Development. (4th ed.) Raleigh, NC: Contemporary Publishing Company of Raleigh, Inc.


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